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The Global Internet Speedup

Recursive DNS Services

The below DNS services support edns-client-subnet and have coordinated with some or all participating Internet services and CDNs. By using one of the DNS services listed, participating content providers will be able to direct your requests to the optimal datacenter to access geographically distributed content.  In short, you should have less latency and have faster downloads for your content!  



“The initiative we’ve partnered on is based on open standards that any other network can adopt, making this technology available to anyone."

– David Ulevitch, CEO at OpenDNS

“Google is committed to making the Internet faster – not just for our users, but for everyone. We will do that any way we can, by improving protocols, browsers, client software, and networks."

– Dave Presotto, Distinguished Engineer at Google

“Improving internet performance is at the core of the EdgeCast mission,” said Alex Kazerani, Chairman and CEO of EdgeCast Networks. “Working with OpenDNS to incorporate enhanced DNS standards into our network is another step toward fulfilling our goal of making the web faster for everyone."

– Alex Kazerani, CEO at EdgeCast

“We welcome the focus that the Global Internet Speedup initiative puts on performance and the end-user experience.," said Jeff Kim, CDNetworks COO of US and EMEA. "We're squarely focused on optimizing web and application performance in the world's most challenging markets on behalf of our more than 1200 customers who rely on us each day to deliver quality end-user experiences."

– Jeff Kim, COO of US and EMEA at CDNetworks

“The Global Internet Speedup Initiative is a terrific initiative for the Internet, and we are excited to support its adoption along with other CDNs, OpenDNS, and some of the largest operators on the Internet. BitGravity is continually looking for ways to improve Internet speed for our customers around the world, and we're enthusiastic that this effort will further improve the Internet and end-user experience."

– Perry Wu, CEO at BitGravity

“By participating in this unique effort to improve the Web surfing experience for consumers everywhere, Comodo hopes to pave the way for more providers to optimize their networks for the current generation of Internet applications and make intelligent routing decisions in adopting this initiative"

– Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect at Comodo

“CloudFlare is proud to participate in the Global Internet Speedup. DNS is at the heart of the Internet and the eDNS extensions allow us to better route visitors on our network to the data center where they will get the fastest possible experience."

– Matthew Prince, CEO and Co-Founder at CloudFlare

“With the adoption of client-subnet by major Recursive DNS Providers and CDN's ultimately makes Geographic DNS services more accurate by an unprecedented degree. We have provided Geographical based DNS services since 2008 and are very excited about client-subnet, as are our customers. We are proud to be a part of the Global Internet Speedup effort and will continue to work on making the Internet as fast, accurate and uncensored as possible."

– Jeffrey Cronstrom, VP Systems & Network Engineering at TZO.COM

“Accurate routing is a key success factor in improving website visitors' experience and eDNS will play a big role in achieving this. By participating in this effort, our customers will be able to take full advantage of Incapsula's website security and performance services."

– Gur Shatz, CEO and Co-Founder at Incapsula

“Tencent, the largest Internet company of China, is dedicated to enhance the quality of human life through Internet services. By providing faster internet access for all of our users, our implement of edns-client-subnet helps us to achieve our goal and mission."

– Weijian Liao (廖伟健), GSLB Engineer at Tencent

“As the 1st DNS Service Provider of China, we are helping people access websites faster, and helping webmasters build their websites more stable and secure. These are our primary goals, and we are doing them everyday. Now, we have The Global Internet Speedup, a larger platform which we can stand on to improve the experience to more and more people."

– Sam Wu (吴洪声), Founder & CEO at DNSPod

“Amazon CloudFront gives developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no commitments. End user requests are routed to the edge location closest to them (in terms of internet latency), and eDNS support helps us better route end user requests so content is delivered with the best possible performance to even more of Amazon CloudFront’s global viewers."

– Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services

RFC & Draft Authors

The various drafts and RFC were written by:

  • Carlo Contavalli (Google)
  • Wilmer va der Gaast (Google)
  • Sean Leach (Fastly)
  • Darryl Rodden (Neustar)
  • David Lawrence (Akamai Technologies)
  • Warren Kumari (Google)
  • Edward Lewis (ICANN)
  • Jason Moreau (Akamai Technologies)

What's this about?

The Global Internet Speedup is the name for our collaborative effort to make the Internet faster through cooperation between recursive DNS services and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).  This collaboration lead to RFC 7871 which helps better direct content to users thereby decreasing latency, decreasing congestion, increasing transfer speeds and helping the Internet to scale faster and further.

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